Comic panel of Winnie The Pooh excited to find a Honey Bucket in the woods.

Winnie The Pooh And The Disappointing Day

Expectations vs. reality.

Comic of two ninjas, one is holding a shuriken (a throwing star), the other ninja says, 'Throw it to me. I will catch it!', to which the ninja replies, 'Are you shuriken?'

How Ninjas Play Catch

If you can't catch a throwing star, you aren't a ninja.

Star Wars parody comic of Luke and Obi Wan smuggling R2D2 and C3PO by storm troopers using groucho glasses for disguises

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

Just stay calm, they don't suspect a thing.

Comic of a mummy surrounded by urns containing his vital organs saying, 'Lunch time! Now which one of these did I leave my stomach in?'

Detachable Stomach

Don't misplace your stomach, lunchtime is the most important meal of the day.

Cartoon depicting two cows in a field, the first cow asks, 'What do you do for a living?' The second responds, 'Aspiring hamburger.'

Aspiring Hamburger

Luckily for cow #223, she won't have to wait much longer to achieve her aspirations.

Comic of trees watching a horror move of a lumber jack cutting down tress with a chainsaw.

Horror Movies For Trees

The sleepover was going great until Trent decided to put on the latest slasher flick in the Jack the Lumberjack series.

Comic panel of a goldfish asking a very intrigued cat, 'Do you want to play in my castle?'

Goldfish Play Time

Little did Garry the Goldfish know, Jeff the Cat's idea of playing was... different.

Comic of a xenomorph (from the movie Aliens) calling tech support for help with their broken human.

Xenomorph Tech Support

This one is also for Trevor—because Trevor loves the Aliens franchise and honestly, I wanted a reason to draw a xenomorph.

Comic panel of a drunk moose in someone's mountain hot tub. The owners are inside the cabin and are quite startled.

Moose In A Hot Tub

Don't be shy, grab a beer and hop in.

Comic panel of an elderly man weighing boxes to see if they are heavier than his docker told him he should lift.

Weighing Boxes

We've all hurt our backs before, do yourself a favor and weigh things before you lift them.

Comic of flying saucers hovering over the U.S. White House. A news reporter in front explains the aliens will leave if the U.S. adopts the metric system.

The Metric System

This one is for Trevor—because he's a scientist and scientists use the metric system like logical lifeforms should.

Cartoon of a tree in fall time, the tree's last leaf is yelling to the other falling leaves, 'Was it something I said?'

Make Like A Tree And Leaf

It's lonely for a leaf in the fall.

Comic of a skier and snowboarder on a chairlift, the snowboarder says to the skier, 'My wife went into labor this morning... but ya know... powder day.'

Powder Day

This one is for all my snowboarders out there. We know the perfect day is a powder day.

Comic panel of two scuba divers with one wrapped up in kelp saying, 'Ahh... little kelp over here?'

Little Kelp Over Here

Remember kids, when scuba diving, always use the buddy system.

Comic of two racoons at lunchtime. One is excited for their road kill while the other is disappointed they got trash again.

Raccoon Lunch Snacks

What do mom and dad pack you for lunch? It was always PB&J for me.

Comic depicting the origin of extreme sports where the origin thrill seekers take their canoe over a waterfall.

The Origin of Extreme Sports

Extreme sports had to start somewhere. This comic depicts the original thrill seekers!

Comic panel featuring a space shuttle over earth with a talk bubble reading, 'Did anyone remember the beer?'

Did Anyone Remember The Beer?

This one is for Mike, who never forgets the beer.

A comic pun of Orange and Blue complimenting each other; they are complimentary colors

Complementary Colors

This one is for the artists and the designers.

Comic panel of a flying dragon carrying a bull by the horns. The bull says, 'I said I don't want to meet your parents!'

Traveling By Dragon

No one wants to meet their girlfriend's parents, but imagine how much less appealing it would be if she was from a family of dragons.

Cartoon of Mario and Peach in bed. Peach says, 'What do you mean you're out of red mushrooms!?'

Mario's Out of Red Mushrooms

This plumber has a demanding day job! He used up his red mushrooms rescuing Peach from Bowser.

Comic of two aliens in a flying saucer deciding what takeout to get from earth.

Stopping At Earth For Takeout

Aliens get hungry too. Makes sense they would stop in to grab some takeout while passing through the Milky Way.

A bear and a bunny playing tricks on campers in the woods. The bear says to the bunny, 'You want to scare this one or should I?'

Scaring campers for kicks

This comic is for the hikers and campers. May the great outdoors always be untamed and the wilderness full of rambunctious wildlife.

Parody cartoon of Batman in his underwear. Alfred is holding Batman's pants while saying, 'Ah, mater Bruce...' while Batman cuts him off, 'Not now Alfred! Quick! To the Batmobile!'

Batman forgets his pants

Don't worry, Alfred stocks extra pants in the Batmobile for these types of tricky situations.